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NEW CPD CYCLE....... 14/Sep/2020

New CPD Cycle
MyCpdZw is glad to announce the beginning of the new CPD cycle. New CPD activities will be uploaded on Friday 18 September 2020. 

Activities will be uploaded every month and each activity will expire after 2 months. After an activity is expired, it will be impossible to access it for points purposes. So kindly be alert every 2 months for the new activities.

To those nurses who haven't done CPD activities for 2020 renewal, kindly do the activities before Friday 18 September and request for certificate. All Points are going to be reset to zero from 19 September.Those who still want to renew for 2020 will have separate   courses made available for them. They will have to get in touch with 0786954412 via what's app.

Nurses Council is still issuing all outstanding certificates, for follow up to those who applied call NCZ directly.