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NEW CPD CYCLE26/Aug/2021

The new cycle for 2021-2022 renewal is starting on 1 September 2021. The old CPD activities will be deleted and new activities will be uploaded. If you have already reached 12 points but have not yet received your certificate your points have already been submitted to NCZ and you can follow up with NCZ via email or 
 call NCZ directly

Those who have not reached  12 points by 1 September will be required to do a module for late renewal which they can get via our helplines. 

For the 2021 to 2022 CPD cycle Two to three activities will be uploaded each month for earning points.
For annual subscription  Kindly follow the steps for payment which are highlighted below to avoid any inconveniences.

 How to make a payment
The subscription fee will remain discounted at 350rtgs per year, if you pay successfully the first time you will access all the activities for the whole year, if you fail to pay successfully the first time you will have to pay the full price by paying again.kindly follow the payment steps to enjoy the discount.

1. Login to your account and click on CPD activities 
2. Select any one activity on CPD activities 
3. Scroll down then click pretest, you will get a notification to pay
4. Click Pay on the notification it will take you to paynow 
5. Enter your email address and click Next
6. Select your method of payment, scroll down and enter your full name and phone number
7. Pay attention to email address spelling letter by letter before confirming payment
8. Confirm payment
9. Wait for the countdown to come to zero after entering your passwrd without interrupting it.
10. It will take you back automatically to CPD activities when your paymnt is successful.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpdesk in the case of any queries.